Witcher 3 undiscovered location kaer trolde

Hot Topics. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It took me 30 minutes to find a way to climb the mountain, only to get there and see that it's beneath me. How the hell do you get to this thing? For the record, I've completed the game, including HOS, in case that has anything to do with it.

Sorry for the crappy picture, but the location I'm referring to is the only? Unhit Rookie 2 Jan 15, The location is actually underground, in the mountain. Potential spoilers for a sidequest, but I'll try to minimize them: Spoiler There is a big secondary quest in Skellige. At one point during its course, you will be at a large event in Kaer Trolde not Bran's Wakeand in the aftermath, you might run through some corridors behind previously locked gates in Kaer Trolde and pass that location.

Sunsibar Ex-moderator 3 Jan 15, This one has been giving me major issues. Lytha Rookie 4 Jan 15, Unhit said:. Spoiler During that quest, King's Gambit, you also have to side with Cerys to get that? If you side with Hjalmar or don't side with anyone, you won't get to this location. Lytha said:. Additional info: Spoiler During that quest, King's Gambit, you also have to side with Cerys to get that?

Sunsibar Ex-moderator 6 Jan 15, I can't remember if I've done this one or not. Is it too late if you've completed both the main game and HOS? I don't mind being spoiled, so could you tell me how to access the quest? I guess I can't do it.

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Boromir Senior user 7 Jan 15, Additional info: During that quest, King's Gambit, you also have to side with Cerys to get that? Sunsibar said:.

witcher 3 undiscovered location kaer trolde

I can tell it, just in case you start another game This?Anything that you think might be a spoiler must be appropriately tagged with the following format:. If your submission contains spoilers you MUST tag it as a spoiler.

Otherwise let the Eternal Fire consume you. We get a lot of the same questions. Look here! I've managed to find the one most south. But I can't seem to find the middle one and the top one.

Does anyone know how to enter these? Its doing my tits in. Been running all over the mountains but can't seem to find an entrance anywhere. Help please. You have to sail to the Northern one, which is a cave only accessible by sea. The other one should be the back end of that cave, but it might be closed off for now as an important quest takes place there later. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

witcher 3 undiscovered location kaer trolde

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witcher 3 undiscovered location kaer trolde

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witcher 3 undiscovered location kaer trolde

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Post a comment! Create an account. Thanks a lot :.This page contains the locations of all the Places of Power that can be found throughout the world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A Place of Power is a relic left over from the Conjunction of the Spheres, a powerful cosmic shift that opened the world to the use of magic.

When Geralt draws power from these stones, he will receive a buff that greatly increases the intensity of a specific Sign. Additionally, the first time a player discovers and draws from a place of power, they will be granted one Ability Point as a bonus.

To do this, simply press and keeping holding the button or E key on PC until the power is activated. There are six Places of Power to find and draw energy from in White Orchard. Found in front of the mausoleum entrance in the graveyard off the main road, this Igni runestone is guarded by a Lvl. Directly north of the Place of Power in the cemetary, another runestone sits nestled in the woods next to a Monster Nest full of level 2 Ghouls.

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In the center of the thin woods between the Nilfgaardian garrison camp and the Herbalist's hut lies a runestone with the Axii sign. Beware - the forest is full of wolves, and the Place of Power may be guarded by a level 6 Wraith. Nestled between two large trees sits a Place of Power for the Quen sign. Along the road to the east of the Abandoned Village near the Griffin 's Nestdismount from your horse at the Abandoned Site and head into the trees to the south.

Defeat the level 6 Bear that guards the area to upgrade Yrden. If approaching from the east, ride all the way to the opposite end of the battlefield, just before the locked gate which you can unlock by approaching from the west.

Kaer Trolde keep

To the north of a Ghoul's nest lies this last Place of Power. Located on the far north-western tip of Velenpast the Isolated Shack, this fortified island has a Place of Power along the bottom of the rocks which is quite a drop. Carefully navigate down the rocky cliff, and beware of the level 14 Wyvern that nests in the fort.

You will be unable to reach the place until you have progressed through the Main Story to the Wandering in the Dark quest, Once completed, begin the Magic Lamp Side Quest to solve the mystery of the ruins and gain access below. If you're returning later, the fastest way to get to the Place of Power and the hidden treasure nearby is to travel northeast from Byways, to the small bay shown on the map above.

The cave exit here lets you get to the Place of Power quickly -- just create a custom marker so you don't get lost. In the Southernmost point of Velen in the center you'll find a large mire by the forgotten town of Frischlow. The Place of Power is almost as far South as you can go, on the edge of the bog. You'll hear a Tree Spirit calling to you from a nearby cave - so beware. You'll also most likely have to content with a level 8 werewolf roaming the area.

Northwest of the town Downwarren is this Place of Power. Look for the hilltop and climb up. At the top is the Yrden Place of Power for you to draw power from. Head to the north side of Novigrad to find this Place of Power. Southeast of Alness is a small mountain.Blacksmiths are an important part of your journey through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The Journeyman Blacksmiths can create higher-level weapons than the Amateur-ranked Blacksmiths.


The Master Blacksmiths are the rarest and create top-notch weapons you can't get elsewhere. Keep in mind that Blacksmiths cannot craft armor, only the Armorers can do that.

Blacksmiths will also pay more money for weapons than Armorers and Armorers will pay more for armor. Many of the Blacksmiths in the game will also sell runestones but sometimes you might have to progress a little farther into the story before they become available to you. It's always worth checking Blacksmith inventories more than once because sometimes they change throughout the game.

We've created a handy guide to finding all the Blacksmiths located in the game along with their level and any other interesting information you might want on them with help from the game's fandom Wikipedia. The first Blacksmith you'll encounter in the game is in the prologue, or when you're in White Orchard. He is the Quartermaster located at the Nilfgaardian Garrison. He is located in the downstairs area when you reach the location. He is an Amateur Blacksmith, which won't matter much since early in the game you won't have any high-level schematics anyway.

He begins selling runestones after you complete the prologue. Velen is one of the first big areas you'll go to when beginning your search for Ciri. There are four Blacksmiths spread out through the region, all of them are Amateur ranked.

The Blacksmith in Blackbough plays Gwent if you're interested. He also sells Adalbert Kermith's second map, which is a quest item. Speaking of Gwent, the majority of Blacksmiths you encounter will play it.

It's a good idea to take them up on it if you can because they often compete with unique decks and you can win yourself some good cards if you excel at the game. Different Blacksmiths from different regions have decks unique to the area they live in. Those in Velen will probably play with cards unlike those you encounter in Skellige, for example. You'll need to complete the Bald Mountain quest before the Blacksmith will show up there.

The Novigrad Fish Market houses one of the main Blacksmiths you'll visit while in this region. He also plays Gwent, if you'd like to challenge him to a match. His ranking is Journeyman. Another Blacksmith in Novigrad is located in the Silverton district, he also plays Gwent but his ranking is only Amateur.


He resides on Glory Lane. You'll need to complete the side quest "Of Swords and Dumplings" to gain access to his skills. Oxenfurt is a small region that you may not even visit unless you follow a certain path on the Bloody Baron's quest.

It is a small region so there is only one Blacksmith located there but he is a Journeyman and he also plays Gwent. If your goal is to challenge every Gwent player in the game you'll need to visit him. As one of the largest regions in the game, Skellige has the most Blacksmiths available, but most of them are only Amateur ranked.

Sigurd is one of the first you'll meet in Arinbjorn.

witcher 3 undiscovered location east of kaer trolde

He plays Gwent. You'll need to free the Fayrlund Blacksmith from a bandit to use his skills, and he also plays Gwent. All the other Blacksmiths listed above play Gwent too.He has many gear diagrams and glyphs for sell. You will find a receipt for Superior Blizzard in the chest under water, close to the shore. Behind the wall you will find a skeleton and a diagram for bear school's silver sword near it.

Inside the tower, in a chest you will find a diagram for enhanced bear school gear gauntlets. Defeat the pirates level 14 and read the letter you found. All locations including shopkeepers, gwent players, merchants, places of power I'm very curious what's there, but can find no way to access those question mark sites. Macintosh PC Xbox One. I find myself in the same position.

Posted by 5 years ago. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Take the Southern road out of Kaer Trolde Harvor, continue through the Crossroads fast travel point over the bridge and then follow the Eastern road.

In the eastern part you will find forests in which a druid settlement is located. Seller also plays Gwent. He offers many good items and recipes, but before you can trade, you have to fulfill a task for him.

He can craft for you a good quality gear, also sells a part of map: Ibrahim Savi's Second Map. He sells skins and pelts, you can play Gwent with him. There you will find There are many treasures on the map. Kaer Trolde Harbor is a sprawling hub of trade in Kaer Trolde on Ard Skellig which hosts merchants from Nordling Novigrad, as well as the Kovir and Poviss and the other Islanders from rest of archipelago. You won't find any strong monsters in the woods, but some rare and stronger ones are guarding treasures and interesting places I'm on my second playthrough now and this time I chose hjalmar to be king, so cerys didn't take me to the place of power in kaer trolde keep.

Posted by 2 days ago. The map above shows Kaer Trolde, the main city and surroundings of the northern part of the central Skellige island. Herbalist Jonna - she may die, if you decide it in quest "The Nithing".Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Can't find an entrance. A third one was a cave with ghosts, i found that one. Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. I find myself in the same position.

I'm very curious what's there, but can find no way to access those question mark sites.

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I've even climbed the mountain to get on top of the question mark, but there's nothing there, so it has to be something underground. But where do we get in? Last edited by jss ; 10 Dec, pm. Originally posted by jss :. Last edited by Trespasser07 ; 11 Dec, am. Good to know, thanks. Kalah View Profile View Posts. They are deep inside the mountain and will become available on a mission near the end of the game mission: "The Sunstone".

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Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Locations in the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt feature an open and dynamic world, with areas to explore at will. Here is the list of known areas in the base game. Wide open roaming across regions is unspoiled by load times.

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Landscapes dotted with Points of Interest tempt players to venture off beaten paths in search of possible adventure. Players explore without interruption, encountering no barriers, choosing different means of travel to reach their destination. This whole new approach to exploration means players can vault over barriers, swim through rapids, ride a horse across the dangerous No Man's Land, run through Novigrad's narrow streets, or sail under a full moon amidst the Skellige Islands.

The world provides an unprecedented feeling of open space and freedom, taking 40 minutes to traverse on horseback end to end. Players can stand atop a mountain, meters above sea level, breathless as they ponder the distant abyss and wind-swept isles, their look and feel rendered flawlessly. Along with this players will also be able to use the quick travel mechanic in order to move about in a quicker fashion after arriving at new destinations.

Updated May 29, am Regions in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt are large bodies of land that contain many towns and villages and often belong to a specific faction. The world of The Witcher 3 is vast and continuous, yet diverse, with each of its lands distinguishable by a unique feel inspired by different sources and cultural references:.

Player actionswhatever their apparent weight, elicit reactions. This principle extends to the new in game economic systemwith the price of goods varying based on the surrounding conditions or their place of origin versus Geralt's current whereabouts in the world: the price of fish will differ depending on the distance from watera village of trappers and hunters will have many tanneries and leather workers, affecting the price of crafting components and armor.

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The Witcher 3 Act 2 - Undiscovered Locations (Guarded Treasure)


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